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New exquisite Marlborough wine range, Petal & Stem!

New exquisite Marlborough wine range, Petal & Stem!

The Wine Company are proud to announce an exciting new range from Yealands, Petal & Stem. Sourced from New Zealand’s premier growing region, Marlborough, Petal & Stem wines embody the fresh natural acidity and succulent ripe fruit flavours that are typical of this globally renowned region, with its young, fertile soils and abundance of natural minerals.

‘Journey into the wildflowers, a secret world between the vines where insects dance from petal to stem, a flourishing  ecosystem. It’s all part of the bigger picture to protect our vines and keep pests away naturally. Every year we plant wildflowers between the vines to create a thriving little ecosystem amongst the rows. The wildflowers provide a home for the kind of insects, who in turn help us keep the unwanted pests away from our vines. So as you’re busy enjoying this wine, remember our little friends between the flowers who help us to do things both differently, and beautifully.’

Exquisite wines from New Zealand’s premier growing region Marlborough; Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, Rosè & Pinot Noir.

For further info on the Petal & Stem range, please contact us here.


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